How to Install A Wireless PCI-E Card

Install A Wireless PCI-E Card

If you have a desktop computer and your motherboard don’t have onboard, then still you can connect your PC wirelessly by installing a PCI-E card. But don’t buy any chip PCI-E card if you want high speed. To get the best speed and performance you should buy the best quality dual band wifi card. A dual-band best wifi card will cost you around $40-$100 depends on the brands. A dual-band PCI-E wifi card is enough for gaming, live streaming and doing normal tasks.

Best Wifi Card Brand:

  • TP-Link (TP-Link is always my first choice)
  • Asus
  • Gigabyte
  • Rosewill

So, if you don’t have a wifi card and want to make your PC wireless then you must buy a wifi card. Now, if you already have a wifi card, but don’t know how to install it then thid guide is for you.

Installing a PCI-E card is somewhat more difficult than setting up a USB adaptor. However, the overall procedure is too easy and convenient if you go through our guide. Here I have explained step by step process to install the PCI-E card right way.

Note: Some of the computer models come up with removable panels which makes it easy to get into your computer. Make sure that you go through the user manual so that there is no damage done to your device.

Here are the steps to install a PCI-E Wifi Card

  • Unplug your PC- The Very first step is to unplug your PC from the power to avoid any kind of accident.
  • Open PC Case – Now Open Your PC Case to install the PCI-E card. Because you have to install the card on your motherboard PCI-E slot.
  • Identify your PCI-E slot – In order to ensure that PCI Slot is absolutely well installed, you need to identify the exact spot where the card has to be placed.
  • Remove the Cover if have any – Maybe there are protective plate all over the PCI-E slot which can be unscrewed and kept aside for a while.
  • Screw away from the wireless card back – using this screw from the protective plate fix the wireless card in the exact place.
  • Attach antenna – Wireless card always comes with an attached antenna, and finally that the steps you need to undertake to make things work.
  • Install Driver – After completing all steps, power on your PC and install the card driver to work it properly.

While installing the PCI-E card make sure that you have followed all the steps correctly. I hope you are now able to install the PCI-E card on your PC. If it’s not working properly then make sure you have installed the driver. You can download the driver from the manufacturer official website. If I missed any steps or any information please let me know. Also, please comments below if you are facing any issues.

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